Queso Para Freir

V&V Supremo® now provides a perfect frying cheese to simply place on the plate, as an accompaniment to meals, or for sandwiches, appetizers, and casseroles. Queso Para Freir will stand up to heat without melting. Frying this fresh cheese will result in a golden brown crust and creamy interior.

Although this unique and versatile cheese may often elicit comparisons to its ancient cousins-halloumi from Cyprus and the Greek kasseri used in the flaming dish “saganaki”, the similarities are textural rather than in flavor.

Queso Para Freir has long been popular in Mexico, and is considered a staple in Central America and the Caribbean. It is prized for its mild flavor and high melting point-resulting in a crusty exterior and creamy, yet unmelted interior when pan-seared. Traditionally, a slice of this savory cheese is served on the plate at any meal, including breakfast, to enhance the dining experience.
V&V Supremo® presents a superlative version of this distinctive cheese, crafted with the flavor profile and perfect texture aficionados of Queso Para Freir have come to expect.

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