*Rancherito® Sour Cream

Here is our premium Mexican-style sour cream-literally the “crème de la crème”. V&V Supremo® Crema *Rancherito® has a full-bodied richness and silky texture that is unsurpassed, making it essential for every special occasion, while it makes any occasion feel special. An excellent ingredient for cream-based soups and sauces, also use this traditional sour cream on sopes, flautas, tostadas and as a topping for ripe strawberries. Enhance everything from appetizers to desserts with the dairy fresh flavor of this stellar, all-natural product.

Mexico has its own special history of producing and utilizing sour cream. Although produced throughout most of Mexico, the dairy-centric state of Michoacan is probably the most famous for its “cremas”, and for the “minguiches” (crema-based preparations) that are created from them. For decades, traditional Mexican crema has been crafted as a naturally cultured product which results in a pour-able, only slightly tangy effect-perfect both to enrich dishes, and to act as a foil to spicy cuisine. Our V&V Supremo® Cremas carefully reflect this tradition. It is no coincidence that our founders hailed from Michoacan-they understood the subtleties of true crema, and kept ours separate and above that which often passes for sour cream today.

*V&V Supremo® Crema *Rancherito® is only available for sale in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

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