Chihuahua® Sour Cream

V&V Supremo® Crema Chihuahua® is a traditional Mexican style sour cream with a smooth, pourable body, and a creamy, slightly tangy flavor. 100% natural with no additives, this product can be used for a topping or garnish wherever sour cream is called for. Also perfect for cooking and baking applications.

Mexico has its own special history of producing and utilizing sour cream. Although produced throughout most of Mexico, the dairy-centric state of Michoacan is probably the most famous for its “cremas”, and for the “minguiches” (crema-based preparations) that are created from them. For decades, traditional Mexican crema has been crafted as a naturally cultured product which results in a pour-able, only slightly tangy effect-perfect both to enrich dishes, and to act as a foil to spicy cuisine. Our V&V Supremo® Cremas carefully reflect this tradition. It is no coincidence that our founders hailed from Michoacan-they understood the subtleties of true crema, and kept ours separate and above that which often passes for sour cream today.

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