Pork Chorizo Mild

A secret, complex blend of special spices, handed down through generations of the Villaseñor families is the first part of the story behind V&V Supremo’s® outstanding chorizo. The rest is no secret and certainly not complex: fresh lean meat with no fillers. This classic Mexican sausage crumbles when cooked and its robust flavor is best enjoyed combined with other products such as eggs, refried beans, or potatoes. Make an award-winning chili con carne or perk up your hamburgers, meatloaf, tortas, tacos, tostadas, and queso fundidos, with the chorizo that is synonymous with “Authentic Mexican Tradition”.

Among the myriad foodstuffs brought to the New World from Europe, the Spaniards carried pigs, cattle, and their cured, dried chorizo sausage with them to the New World.

Inspired by this product, Mexico's unique sausage is the same in name only-certainly not in flavor or texture. For many years, Toluca, Mexico has been the mecca for chorizo, offering countless varieties, and making it crystal clear that Mexico has transformed the product to make it distinctly our own.

In more recent history, V&V Supremo® has been, and continues to be a household name in chorizo. The classic crumbly texture and complex flavor that Mexican sausage is justly famous for is perfectly reflected by the balanced spice mixture and superior meat products we combine to create our line of chorizo.

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