Put some love in your life

Love isn't the first thing most people think of when they consider cheese, so allow us to explain our new slogan.

At V&V Supremo® we come from a tradition where the roots of family, friends and food are intertwined; the love of family is automatically associated with memories of soul-satisfying food. Crafting excellent dairy (and other) products is in our blood; we make them with passion and with love. When you bring our family to your table, we hope you feel as confident as we do that you are providing your loved ones with the highest quality products of their kind.

As much as we relish and revere the bounty and harmony of the family table centered in Mexican tradition, we realize that we are speaking of a universal energy present across the globe. The table unites family and friends wherever they are gathered, and every cuisine naturally plays a role in this union. Even the most humble of meals can have the same power. Of course we would like the world to experience our products, but if we can just persuade each person reading this to have meals at the table as often as possible with family and friends, we have accomplished our most important goal.