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We are a Chicago based company founded by Mexican (Michoacán) natives Gilberto Villaseñor Sr. and Ignacio Villaseñor in 1964. Their story may well qualify as a textbook example of the American Dream come true. Start up capital to do something on their own consisted of five hundred dollars that Gilberto had saved from various labors while boarding with brother-in-law Ignacio. After a brief dabble in Mexican candy making, the Villaseñors made a decision to change direction, and realized their true calling. They perceived a need in their community for the fresh farmer’s cheese that evoked the countryside of Central Mexico and acted on their instincts. The naysayers advised them that there would be no interest in their authentic product; they said consumers were satisfied with the inferior available options. Initial efforts to take the cheese to market involved consignment arrangements with shopkeepers-payment after the product sold, if the product sold in the first place. The discerning palates of the rural Central Mexican immigrants that populated Chicago made the decision, and the hand-crafted queso fresco did not reside long in the grocers’ coolers. While shopkeepers watched the cheese virtually disappear as soon as it was stocked, a void in the community was properly filled.


Little did Gilberto and Ignacio realize that the logo they would eventually use on their packaging would attain icon status throughout the greater Chicago Land Area, and that most of the United States would carry the V&V Supremo® brand.

The historic Back-of-the-Yards neighborhood on Chicago’s south side was the original location of our humble beginnings, but operations quickly moved to the Mexican enclave of Pilsen, near the bustling South Water Market, which brought in retailers and restaurateurs from all over the Midwest. Needless to say, there was a snowball effect, and the Villaseñors rose to the occasion, providing the quantity and product variety that the market demanded. V&V Supremo® has provided dairy and meat products to the Hispanic community and well beyond for four generations, making us the oldest family run business of our kind in the U. S. We have built our reputation through the years by paying attention to the lessons of our elders and offering the highest quality products available in the market, crafted with a devout respect for our Mexican heritage.


Today, 50 years after our inception, we continue with the commitment to quality, consistency and tradition that our founders handed down to us. The sons of its pioneers and the current driving forces of the company are Gilberto Villaseñor II and Philip Villaseñor. They maintain continuity of original values while introducing a steady stream of innovations through state-of-the-art technology and progressive business practices. Their visionary fervor has allowed the company to progress significantly over the years by continually providing new products, improved service, meticulous quality control, and infrastructural fortification. As Gilberto Villaseñor II says, “because we are proud of our products, we guarantee the quality with our name. That’s why the V and V of the Villaseñors is on the package of every one of our products.”

Our professional staff is over 240 strong, and highly committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and needs. The open spirit of our work environment encourages a true team effort by inviting participation through honest opinions and the sharing of ideas.

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