Corn Products

Creations from corn dough (masa) are at the heart of Mexican cuisine. These products evoke Mexico, and provide an easy to use “canvas” for your culinary creations.

  • Corn Sopes

Corn Sopes

V&V Supremo® brings one of the most popular masa (corn dough) products of Mexico to your table. Savor the tradition that reaches back to pre-Hispanic times. Round, with raised edges to allow for an abundance of toppings, these crunchy crowd-pleasers will take center stage at any party, not to mention everyday meals. Consider our sopes to be Mexican-style pizzas with the toppings determined by your imagination, although it should go without saying that the more V&V Supremo® products used, the more exciting your sopes will be.

Corn is the grain responsible for sustaining Mexico, and masa, or corn dough was at the foundation of the diet since pre-Hispanic times. Today corn and masa loom as large as ever in Mexican cuisine, and masa creations continue to be ubiquitous throughout Mexico. The sope is certainly one of the most popular of these items, and a wide range of fillings complement it's rustic corn flavor. V&V Supremo® Sopes are crafted in accordance with a long-standing tradition, and offer a true taste of Mexico's rich culinary history.

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