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V&V Supremo® Foods takes great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of their cheeses. The company’s founders came to America from the dairy-centric Mexican state of Michoacan with a vision of creating exceptional dairy products that have the same authentic, hand-crafted quality found in their home state.

This commitment to craftsmanship led them to Wisconsin, where they found some of the highest quality cheeses in the world and the only Master Cheesemaker program outside of Europe. The culture found within the Wisconsin dairy industry was special, and it reminded them of their roots.

At V&V Supremo®, we believe that Wisconsin could be considered the sister state to Michoacan. We are thrilled to offer products that have been made in America’s Dairyland, and we are extremely proud to proclaim that our premium melting cheeses, Chihuahua® Quesadilla Cheese and Oaxaca, are crafted by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Tom Dahmen. His passion, dedication, and respect for tradition are all evident in his work, and his superior craftsmanship has brought our founders’ visions to life.


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