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1 Cup peeled and diced sweet potato
1 small cone of piloncillo (brown sugar cane)
1/2 stick Mexican cinnamon, broken
4 flour tortillas
4 oz. Shredded Chihuahua® Quesadilla Cheese from V&V SUPREMO®

Method of Preparation

1. In a small pot add 2 Tbsp. of water, add cloves, cinnamon, piloncillo, and sweet potato. Bring to a simmer over medium-low heat. Once simmering, cover the pot; and cook for 3 minutes.
2. Uncover the pot. Break piloncillo with a fork, and with a wooden spoon, gently mix the ingredients. Continue to cook uncovered for about 7 more minutes. Gently mix. Once you start to see a glazed coating on the sweet potatoes, remove from heat. Discard the cinnamon sticks and cloves, set aside.
3. Preheat a skillet or griddle for 1 minute over medium-low heat. It is important that the skillet temperature is not too high, so that the tortillas do not harden or overcook before the cheese fully melts. Heat tortillas for 30 seconds on one side, flip tortillas and add ¼ cup Chihuahua® cheese over each tortilla.
4. Add about 2 Tbsp. sweet potato mixture. Fold tortillas in half. Cook until the cheese is fully melted, and quesadillas are golden brown on both sides. Repeat with remaining ingredients.


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