Semi-Firm Cheeses

These items are actually unripened cheeses that were born to be seared, grilled or fried. User friendly with an exotic cache.

  • Queso Asadero

Queso Asadero

Our Asadero is a fresh slicing cheese made for searing or grilling. This product will not melt, and pan searing will result in a caramelized exterior and creamy center. Slice or cube our Asadero and use for appetizers, tacos, sandwiches and casseroles.

A fresh cheese inspired from the countryside of Mexico, where the term “asadero” refers to a product which has the ability to be pan-seared as opposed to a melting cheese. In certain regions of Mexico this type of cheese may be marinated in a chile mixture, and more recently can even be found as a smoked product.

V&V Supremo® Queso Asadero is a versatile slicing cheese that can be consumed as is, or ideally, seared to a golden brown, and simmered in a piquant salsa. Any preparation is perfect for filling traditional tortas (Mexican sandwiches) or tortillas.

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